A Brand New Line of Designer Men’s Underwear

Phoenix Rising of Virginia Just Added a New Line of Extremely Sexy, Top Quality Men’s Underwear to their already Excellent Line of Products!

“Because of the huge reception we have received from the designer Men’s Underwear that we offer, we decided to Expand Our Selection by making an agreement to now carry the Designer Line of Mundo Unico. This extremely, high quality, designer has taken every step to manufacture some of the finest, most fashionable Men’s Underwear available. Mundo Unico underwear is offered in a large variety that is meant to please all tastes and styles! No matter if you want standard length, supportive men’s boxers, a mid-length men’s boxers, a short men’s boxer, a sexy brief, jock strap or designer men’s swimwear -the designers at Mundo Unico are bound to please even the most discriminating shopper and connoisseur of Men’s Underwear!”


Mundo Unico Designer Men’s Underwear can entice and delight your lover, make a bold statement in the locker room or just give you an added feeling of boldness and confidence! Even underwear is important to a well dressed, fashionable man!


Phoenix Rising of Virginia makes shopping simple. Relax in the privacy of your own home or shop from your mobile device at your leisure.. Browse the wide variety of styles, patterns, fabrics and designs to find just the right fit for you or as a very special gift for someone you care about, (or maybe someone that you’d like to see in a sexy pair of tight fitting new underwear or jock strap!)


Awesome Designs –

Quality Designer Men’s Underwear –

Extreme Fashion Statements –

Finally, the underwear that you’ve always desired at affordable prices!

Take a Look Now at this collection plus others offered at Phoenix Rising of Virginia. Spend as much time as you’d like –

Relax and enjoy the designs and the eye candy! 


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