-Gay Mens Magazines- New, Back Issues and Retro


There’s something about holding, seeing, smelling and handling a real magazine. The problem now is that real gay mens magazines are almost extinct. With the decline of brick and mortar gay bookstores and the increase of internet porn, Adult Male Mens Magazines are difficult to find. For many people, staring at a screen is not the same as the tactile sensation of holding and looking at printed images – some how, the intimacy is lost.


Phoenix Rising, a Richmond, Virginia based business was one of the Country’s oldest and most diverse gay bookstores, but after nearly a quarter of a Century, they closed their doors and went “online”. The folks at Phoenix Rising recognized that the need for a real gay, lesbian, bisexual bookstore was even greater than before so they continued their service, only on a broader format that allows them to serve the entire Country. Phoenix Rising is now onlinePhoenix Rising is now online but still offers a unique collection of rare and hard to find products at prices most people can afford.

s-l1600-5.jpgIn addition to offering LGBT books, jewelry, novelties, DVDs, music and clothes, Phoenix Rising has a huge selection of Gay Mens Magazines. Most of the magazines are brand new, even though they are from past year,some are slightly previewed and some are highly collectible retro publications that date back 50 years!

If you have ever searched for the “Favorite Gay Magazine” that you fondly remember and wished you still own, stop by Phoenix Rising and you might be surprised to find it – brand new and still in the wrapper!

s-l1600-6.jpgShopping at Phoenix Rising Online is always pleasant, you never have to worry about someone looking over your shoulder or judgmental eyes. There’s never an awkward moment at the counter when you are checking out – it’s easy, welcoming and you can browse as long as you’d like. Shipping is quick and discreet, plus when you buy multiple products, you can ask for a shipping discount and save!

s-l1600-2.jpgStop by Phoenix Rising Online NowPhoenix Rising Online Now and come back often, as inventory is updated everyday and you never know what treasures you will find!


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