Protect and Adorn Your Family Jewels! Fashion and Function in Men’s Underwear!

s-l1600-23.jpgFashion and flare doesn’t stop with what you are wearing on the outside, but also extends to what’s underneath. There’s s-l1600-13.jpga special sense of sexiness and confidence when you are wearing high quality, well designed underwear! Plus, when quality men’s underwear is designed, manufactured and structured properly, they enhance your appearance by adding the right amount of bulge to get your “man parts” noticed and adding lift to your butt.

s-l1600-12.jpgMany men make the mistake of believing that any generic underwear is good for all purposes, but that’s a big mistake. Quality, men’s designer underwear is specifically designed for different functions. Men’s Sportswear Underwear is designed with breathability to help wick away moisture while still providing support and protection, Casual, everyday, Men’s Underwear is often designed for comfort, while Erotic Men’s Underwear is designed for pure, raw SEX APPEAL!s-l1600-22.jpg

While there are many “knock off”, cheap lines of men’s underwear, Phoenix Rising only offers the best, highest quality lines of Men’s Fashion, Erotic and Sports Men’s Under Apparel. Phoenix Rising has carefully chosen which Men’s Underwear manufacturers to offer to protect and enhance your “family jewels”.

s-l1600-2.jpgClick HERE Now to see the Entire Offers of Exciting, New Men’s Underwear offered by Phoenix Rising Now. Shop at home at your leisure. Enjoy the visual treats and take advantage of low prices and quick, home delivery. Treat yourself today to new, beautiful underwear or give a pair as a special gift!s-l1600-6.jpg

Also, visit Phoenix Rising’s sister site for more great men’s underwear, sportswear and College Sweatshirts, Sweat Pants, Teeshirts and More!

Huge Variety of Colors, Styles, Prints and Designs!

Check often for new designs, swimwear and SALES!



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